How To Fix A Broken Key On Laptop Keyboard?

Most keyboards come with a key, a plastic part. When you press down on a key, the plastic bends, and triggers a circuit inside the keyboard. The circuit creates a pulse that is sent to a computer processor. The processor then sends a signal to the computer’s operating system. The operating system then tells the processor what action to take. The key can then be used to activate various functions on the computer.

If the key has become damaged, the key can no longer perform its normal function. The key can become jammed or bent. Sometimes, the key can be pressed too hard, and cause the key to break. You can try cleaning the key, or replacing it. If cleaning isn’t effective, you can replace the key.

Removing a broken key is straightforward, but you’ll need a special tool. The key can be removed by taking out the two screws in the bottom of the keyboard. Then, use a pair of pliers to pull the key out. A new key can be inserted in the space in the keyboard. If your laptop has a removable bottom panel, you can replace the damaged key by removing the bottom panel. Then, place the replacement key into the space.

How to Repair a Broken Key on Laptop Keyboard

There are two ways to repair a broken key on a laptop keyboard. You can either replace the key or the entire keyboard. When repairing a broken key, it’s important to understand how your laptop works. Laptop keys are attached to a metal piece called a’screwdriver’ or a’switch’. This metal piece moves up and down when the key is pressed. When the key is pressed, the switch contacts connect to the laptop circuit board and transmit the signal to the laptop’s CPU.

If you have a laptop with a wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard, then you may be able to connect the wireless keyboard to the laptop via a wire. If you use a wire to connect your wireless keyboard to your laptop, the signal from the wireless keyboard is still transmitted through the metal screwdriver. The metal screwdriver sends the signal through the metal piece that connects to the keyboard circuit board.

When the key is pressed, the metal screwdriver moves up and down and connects to the laptop circuit board and transmits the signal. However, a laptop’s circuit board can only handle so many connections and if you have too many wires connected to it, the circuit board will stop working.

How To Fix A Broken Key On Laptop Keyboard?

There is a tool called a Key puller. This tool allows you to replace the broken key and return your laptop to working condition. The most common scenario in which this tool is used is to repair a keypad on a laptop keyboard. A common issue with the laptop keypads is that keys will start sticking. You can use the key puller tool to help fix this issue. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open up the laptop and remove the keyboard.
  2. Press and hold the top of the keypad and lift the metal tab that is underneath it. It will lift up the keyboard out of the computer.
  3. Using your hands, grasp the front edges of the laptop. Lift up the laptop until it is completely off.
  4. Once it is removed, lay it down on the table.
  5. Next, place the laptop keyboard back into the laptop. Press the keyboard down until it is secure.
  6. Turn the laptop over. Now that the keyboard is out, remove the bottom cover of the laptop.
  7. With the cover removed, press the bottom of the laptop to ensure that the keyboard is secured.
  8. Now that everything is in place, turn the laptop back over.
  9. Finally, take the screwdriver and loosen the two screws at the base of the keyboard.
  10. Take out the broken key.
  11. Replace the key and tighten the screws back up.
  12. After everything is replaced, turn the laptop back over and reattach the keyboard to the laptop.
  13. Close up the laptop and you have successfully fixed your broken keypad!

7 Easy Steps To Repair Broken Laptop Keyboard Keys

The keyboard of a laptop is the most important and sensitive part of a laptop, as it is used every day, and you can’t avoid touching it. When you are writing emails or surfing the web, you can break the keys on your laptop keyboard.

The most common way of breaking the keyboard keys is when you press hard, but it is not a permanent damage. There are a lot of solutions available to fix this problem, but it is better to check the cause before you go for any solution.

7 Steps to fix a broken keyboard key:

  1. Remove the battery from your laptop and turn it off.
  2. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery wires.
  3. Press the power button on the back of the laptop to turn it on.
  4. Keep pressing the power button and hold it for a while. After a few seconds, you will see that the screen turns on.
  5. Keep holding the power button for 30 seconds and release it. Now, you can start working on the laptop.
  6. If the problem is related to the mouse, then it is easier to fix as it is located inside the laptop. So, remove the bottom of the laptop and check if there is any problem with the mouse or the wires.
  7. If everything is fine with the mouse and the wires, then replace the mouse and reattach it to the laptop.


Doing these steps will make your broken key repairable and you can use it in your laptop. You can even try this technique if you have a desktop computer. The result will be the same. So, now you know that there are various solutions available for repairing a broken keyboard keys. If you are facing any problem, then you can ask us by comment below. Do share your experience with us.


How much does it cost to fix a broken key on a laptop?

You may be surprised to learn how much it costs to fix a broken key on a laptop. The total cost depends on the model and type of laptop that you own. The prices may vary from one to another, so you will need to call your local computer repair shop to find out how much it will cost you to repair your laptop.

Can laptop keyboard be repaired?

Yes, you can actually fix a broken key on a laptop. It is very simple to do, and you will not have to pay a lot of money for the repairs. You will simply need to locate a broken key, take it out, and then replace it with a new one. If you choose to replace the key, then you should ensure that it is properly inserted into the keyboard.

How do you fix a broken key on a laptop keyboard?

A broken key can happen when a key breaks from a laptop. Therefore, to fix the broken key on a laptop you need to first identify whether the problem is on the laptop or on the keyboard itself. To fix the problem on the laptop, you need to get a new one. For example, if you accidentally hit the delete key by mistake on the keyboard, you can simply change the key to another key on the keyboard. This will solve the problem. However, if the problem is on the keyboard itself, you need to replace the keyboard.

Why some keys are not working in laptop?

If you use a laptop keyboard to type, then it is possible that certain keys are not working. In this case, the problem is on the laptop and it needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. You cannot fix it yourself. You need to contact the laptop manufacturer and ask them to fix the problem. It may take up to several weeks for them to fix the issue and the problem may also come back again.

Can keyboard keys be replaced?

Keyboard keys can be replaced. They can be replaced by yourself or by your computer manufacturer. Some people replace the broken keyboard keys by themselves while other people contact their manufacturer and ask them to replace the broken keyboard key.

How can I replace one key on my keyboard?

You can replace one key on your keyboard by first removing all the keys from your keyboard. After that, take the old broken key and put it into a holder or a container. Now you can put in a new key by following the instructions provided on the keyboard packaging.

How to Type Letters If Your Key Is Broken?

Sometimes a keyboard key can break, leaving you unable to type any letters. This is pretty frustrating, but there is an easy way to get around it. If your keyboard is connected to a computer, you can take it into the repair shop. The shop should be able to fix it fairly easily. If not, though, you can fix it yourself. Open the case of your computer, locate the keyboard connector, and remove the connector. After removing the connector, you can simply remove the keyboard and fix it yourself.

Why do some letters on my keyboard not work?

If some of the letters on your keyboard are not working, then it is likely that you have pressed a wrong key or that the letters have been assigned incorrectly. There are many reasons why you may press the wrong key, including your fingers being too close together, the keyboard being set up incorrectly, or a problem with the keyboard.

How do I type a letter if key is broken?

The “Windows” key is not broken, but it does not function properly. So, how do you type the letter “I”? You can either press the letter “E” instead, or use the “Alt” key that is located to the left of the “Windows” key. The “Alt” key is also the one that opens up the start menu.

Why do some letters on my keyboard not work?

If some of the letters on your keyboard are not working, then it is likely that you have pressed a wrong key or that the letters have been assigned incorrectly. There are many reasons why you may press the wrong key, including your fingers being too close together, the keyboard being set up incorrectly, or a problem with the keyboard.

How much does it cost to replace a keyboard key?

Keyboards contain a variety of keys and most people think they can replace one without having to pay too much. However, there are several costs that can add up after replacing a key on your laptop keyboard. A replacement key can be as cheap as $5 and could be as expensive as $40 or more. This cost can range from the original cost of the key to the labor time and materials used to fix the keyboard.

Can you remove laptop keys without breaking them?

Yes, it is possible to remove the keys on your laptop keyboard. Laptop keyboards typically come with only a single screw that holds the keys into the keyboard. Removing the screw allows you to remove the keys. The screws can be removed by pulling off the small metal tab that attaches the keys to the keyboard. The easiest way to remove the keys is to purchase a small plastic tool that can be purchased for about $1. Once you have removed the keys, you can use a razor blade to cut the plastic where the keys attach to the keyboard.

How do you fix a broken keycap?

If you are looking for a fast solution to a broken keyboard keycap, then you should purchase a replacement keycap. Keycaps are plastic pieces that cover the button on a keyboard. If you find that the keycap is cracked, then you can simply purchase a new keycap and put it back on your keyboard. It is generally recommended to replace the keycap instead of just repairing it. After all, a cracked keycap may be harder to replace than just fixing it.

Why do some letters on my keyboard not work?

There could be various reasons why you might be having issues with your laptop. One of the most common problems with a computer is a malfunctioning keyboard. There are two main parts that make up a computer keyboard; the plastic case that houses all of the buttons, and the rubber keypad that allows you to press the buttons. When either one of these components malfunctions, the keyboard becomes unresponsive.

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