How To Fix A Water Damaged Laptop

Water damaged laptops are common problems. Most laptops are made out of plastic, and plastic can become damaged from being immersed in water. Water can cause all sorts of issues, including making the keyboard unusable, the motherboard can short circuit, and it can also damage the computer’s memory and other internal components.

Water damage to a laptop can happen in many different ways. You can be sitting at your desk when water gets in through the air vent, or you can be carrying the laptop to and from the restroom. If your laptop is damaged, you can either throw it away or try to repair it. If the laptop has been damaged beyond repair, you can buy a new one.

To repair a water damaged laptop, you’ll need to dry it off. You can use a hair dryer to dry the surface of the laptop, but if the keyboard is damaged, you’ll have to remove it. You can put your laptop on a clean towel, and use a blow dryer to dry the surface.

How To Fix A Water Damaged Laptop

The laptop is the most important part of the computer. It’s the heart of your business, home, and everything else that you do. A water damaged laptop can lead to serious problems, including data loss, costly repairs, and downtime.

It’s not uncommon to see a water damaged laptop. It can happen when you spill water, or accidentally drop your laptop in a puddle. Water damaged laptops require repair work that can be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

Water Damage Repair Process

Your laptop’s internal components are made up of many different components, each of which plays an important role in making your laptop function. A laptop that gets water damaged can have any of these components affected, and the process of repairing a water damaged laptop is different for each component.

Most computers are made of internal components that are designed to be removed by the customer or the technician. In most cases, a water damaged laptop can be repaired without removing the internal components.

Water damage repair process involves a variety of different tasks and skills, including the use of tools, troubleshooting, and fixing parts. These tasks and skills are outlined below.

Identify the Problem

The first step in water damaged laptop repair is to determine exactly what happened. After the water is removed, the technician will inspect the laptop to identify the cause of the problem.

Some common causes of water damage include:

  • Spills
  • Accidents
  • Damaged electrical or mechanical parts
  • Power surges
  • Poorly installed batteries
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Damaged fans
  • Improperly installed or removed cooling fans

If the laptop was dropped, there will be water inside. If the laptop was sprayed with water, the computer’s case will be wet. If the computer was damaged by a burst of water, the entire inside of the computer will be wet.

If the water damage is not obvious, the technician will use a moisture meter to detect the extent of the water damage. The technician will then test the computer to determine which components are still working and which components need to be replaced.

Determine the Extent of Water Damage

The technician will check the extent of the water damage by checking the laptop’s casing and interior. Water damage to the laptop’s casing is visible, and can be easily detected. Water damage to the interior components is usually not visible, and can only be determined after the computer is opened.

If the water damage is severe enough, the laptop may need to be disassembled. This process requires the removal of screws and panels to access the components inside.

Clean the Computer

After the water damage is identified, the computer will be cleaned. Some of the components of a computer are very sensitive to water and can be damaged by water that remains on the inside of the computer. Water damage can affect the performance of a computer. If the laptop is not cleaned, the computer’s performance will suffer.

The technician will use a soft cloth and a cleaning solution to remove the excess water and any dirt or debris from the laptop’s components. The technician will also make sure that the computer’s fans are free of water and that the fans are running properly.

Fix the Components

Once the computer has been cleaned, the technician will start repairing the computer’s components.

If the water damage is not too severe, the technician will remove the laptop’s case. If the laptop’s case has been removed, the technician will remove the laptop’s motherboard.

If the water damage is severe, the technician will need to remove the motherboard. Removing the motherboard will allow the technician to access the laptop’s CPU and RAM chips.

The technician will clean the computer’s case and motherboard using a cleaning solution and a soft cloth. If the water damage is severe, the technician will replace the motherboard.

Replace the Damaged Parts

After the computer’s motherboard has been replaced, the technician will replace the computer’s CPU and RAM chips. The technician will use a soldering iron and solder to connect the chips.

Ways to Fix a Water Damaged Laptop

We often see laptops with water damages, but the problem is that not many of us are aware of the steps to be followed to fix such problems. To solve this problem, there are certain steps that must be taken.

Clean the keyboard and screen

There are many reasons behind water damages and most of the times people are unaware of the reason, they just open the laptop to find that the keyboard is soaked in water.

Before starting the repair process it is important to clean the keyboard and screen first. So, get a cotton ball or a tissue paper and soak in warm water. Once the water gets completely dried then rub it.

This cleaning process will get rid of the dust and dirt that has collected inside the laptop. If you don’t clean the keyboard and screen properly then the dust will remain there and it will start acting as a magnet that attracts the water.

Remove the stickers

The first step to be followed in case of water damages is to remove the stickers. If you see a sticky sticker then don’t touch it as it will act as a magnet for the water. Remove the stickers using the forceps or a metal object.

Once the stickers are removed then you will see that the laptop is getting ready to be repaired. Now, you have to clean the laptop again.

Check the battery

Battery is the most important part of a laptop. If the battery is not working properly then the laptop will get damaged and it can be fixed only after removing the battery.

If you see a crack in the battery then don’t try to replace it as it will cause more damage to the laptop. So, make sure you check the condition of the battery.

There are many ways to fix a water damaged laptop. But I am not recommending any particular way as there is no surety that which one will work.The steps mentioned below are my personal experience and what worked for me. If you are using Windows 7 then follow the steps as stated above and in the next step.

If you are using Windows 8, then follow the steps given below:

  • Start – Start – Settings – System – Maintenance and then select ‘Disk Defragmenter’.
  • Click on the ‘System Restore’ and follow the given steps.
  • Choose the restore point that was made before the water damage.
  • Go back to the main window and then click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Recovery’ option.
  • Select the ‘Reboot and Restart’ option and then restart your laptop.


I hope you liked this article, as I have explained above that that we cannot fix the water damage of your laptop by following the steps mentioned above. If you are facing the same problem then you can contact the professional technician for further assistance. Do share your experience with us.


How long does it take for a laptop to dry?

Laptops take several hours to dry completely. The moisture must first evaporate, and then it will start to dry. If you leave your laptop unattended, the moisture will condense in the laptop’s casing, causing corrosion. If you use a hair dryer to dry the computer, it will cause the surface of the computer to heat up and may cause the laptop’s plastic casings to melt. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer on your laptop.

Does putting laptop in rice work?

Yes, you can put your laptop in rice to dry it out, although there are some problems with this method. Rice can absorb a lot of moisture, so you might end up having to clean your laptop more frequently. And if the rice doesn’t absorb all of the moisture, it can end up getting stuck between the laptop and the case. That can be bad because rice is hard, and it can damage the computer. If you put the computer in the rice overnight, it can end up absorbing enough moisture to dry it out in one night.

Can I use a hair dryer to dry my laptop?

A hair dryer may seem like a natural choice for drying your laptop, but it may not work out well for you. A hair dryer will tend to spread the heat throughout your laptop rather than focus it in a specific area. This could lead to water getting inside the device, which can cause further damage.

Will my laptop work again after getting wet?

It depends on the amount of water that got into your computer, but it’s possible that your computer may not be able to recover if it’s been damaged by more than a few inches of water. If the water gets into your computer through a hole, then it’s likely that you won’t be able to fix it because the water damage is severe. If you don’t want to pay a computer repair professional to repair your computer, then you should clean all of the water out of your computer as soon as possible. If the water is still in the computer, then you should call your local computer repair store to find out whether they can repair the damage.

Can a computer recover from water damage?

Water damage isn’t easy to fix, and if you don’t know how to go about fixing it then you should consider contacting an expert. Your computer may be damaged, but you should still be able to recover. Your motherboard is the most important part of your computer, and the majority of water damage repairs focus on fixing that. Water damage could cause problems with your graphics card and your hard drive, so it’s important that you repair any other components that are water damaged.

Will water destroy a motherboard?

When it comes to your motherboard, it is the part of your computer that controls all of the other parts of the computer. If this motherboard is damaged, then you won’t be able to use the computer anymore. If water damage occurs to the motherboard, then there are many things that can happen to it. It can break completely apart, bend the circuit board, and even burn it out. If water damages your motherboard, then you may find yourself with no computer.

Can a water damaged motherboard be fixed?

If you notice water damage to your motherboard, then you should call in a professional to repair it. You cannot fix a motherboard on your own and you definitely don’t want to put any electrical components into the computer that is already damaged.

Can water damage your laptop?

Water damage may occur in a laptop due to the fact that the laptop can be very delicate. If you are worried about whether water damage can permanently damage your laptop, then you may want to call a laptop repair shop. When water damage occurs, it may destroy parts of your laptop such as the motherboard or the hard drive. In order to fix your laptop, it may be necessary to replace these components.

Should I turn on my laptop after water spill?

Some laptops may not allow you to turn it back on immediately. They require you to allow them to dry completely before you power up your laptop again. If you spilled water on your laptop, it is best to let it dry completely before trying to turn it on again. If you power up your laptop while it is wet, you might short circuit your laptop, causing it to malfunction.

Is a laptop ruined if it gets wet?

Yes, a laptop is ruined if it gets wet. Wet computers are not only damaged but also can be potentially dangerous to the people using it. Even though your laptop may seem to be okay after a water spill, there are still things that can happen. For instance, the battery can swell up and cause problems in how it works, the motherboard could crack, and your laptop could even catch fire. In any case, the laptop should be repaired or replaced if it gets wet.

What to do after spilling on laptop?

If you spill water on your laptop, you need to clean it first. This will ensure that there are no micro-organisms on your laptop. It is also important to dry the laptop because water can damage your motherboard, making it difficult to turn it on and operate it. You can use a hair dryer or an air blower to help dry it. After that, you can follow the instructions that come with your laptop to get it turned back on.

How long does it take for water damage to show on laptop?

It depends on the amount of water that entered your laptop. You can use an eye dropper or a funnel to check the water level. If the water level is low, you can wipe it off the laptop and let it dry. If the water level is high, you can use a cleaning agent such as rubbing alcohol or ammonia to clean it. The best way to get rid of the moisture is to let your laptop dry completely.

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