How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart?

Laptop overheating is a very common problem with all laptops. If you take your laptop apart it is always advised to avoid any further damage to it. However, there is a way to fix it without taking it apart. If you know this method you can avoid any further damage to your laptop and save it from unnecessary repair cost.

The main reason behind overheating laptop is that it runs out of cooling system. The cooling system consists of fan and fans. In order to stop overheating laptop, you should make sure that it has a good cooling system. The cooling system is present in the CPU and GPU. If there is a problem with cooling system then there will be an increase in temperature. If you have laptop with cooling system then there is no need to worry about overheating.

However, if you don’t have cooling system then there is a chance that the computer will crash. If your laptop is overheating then it is best to take it apart and see what is the problem.

What Are The Possible Causes Of An Overheating Laptop?

Laptops are very powerful and useful tools, but they are not meant for being in a direct sunlight. There are various factors that can cause an overheating laptop. It will definitely make your laptop battery drained within a short period of time. Some of the possible causes of overheating laptops are described below.

Laptop is left in direct sunlight

It is common thing that people use laptops in the sun, but it is better to avoid it because of overheating. You can buy a screen protector, but it will not work as a shield for the laptop.

Dust particles are inside the laptop

If you keep your laptop for a long time in dusty environment then it will become hot very quickly. Dust particles accumulate in your laptop and the heat produced by dust particles will increase your laptop temperature.

High temperatures

There are various reasons of high temperatures in your laptop. It may be the virus in your computer or may be the bad file that is open in your computer.

Your laptop has been sitting for a long time

If you leave your laptop in a hot place for a long time, then it will become hot. So, you need to keep your laptop in a cool place.

How to prevent overheating of Laptops?

Overheating is the most common problem faced by the people while using laptop. When we use laptops for long time it will get overheated and if it gets overheated it may cause permanent damage to the laptop.

When the laptop overheats, it can damage the motherboard or other components of the laptop and you will have to spend a huge amount of money to repair it.

Overheating can occur when you run a heavy application or install a virus, this can drain the battery and the CPU of your laptop, this is how you can prevent it.

1. Keep the laptop properly charged

The battery of the laptop can drain quickly if it isn’t charged properly. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before you start using it and keep it charged throughout the day.

2. Keep the laptop away from the direct sunlight

Sunlight is the reason for heating up the laptop, if you keep the laptop away from the direct sunlight, then it will not get overheated.

3. Keep the fan clean

If you have not cleaned the fan of the laptop, then it will only increase the temperature and you will have to spend more money to fix it. So, keep it clean and make sure that it is not covered with dust.

4. Keep the laptop at a place with air circulation

If you are working at a place where there is no air flow, then there is a good chance that the laptop will get overheated. So, try to place the laptop in a proper place that has air circulation.

5. Keep the laptop closed

The fans of the laptop are controlled by the CPU. This is why the CPU of the laptop will be overheated when it is running a heavy application.

If you are facing this problem, then you can definitely overcome it. If you want to have a healthy and trouble free laptop, you should not forget any of these tips.

How to reduce Heating of Laptop While Gaming

As we all know that there are so many factors which can cause heating issues in laptops and also for gaming laptops it is very common. If your laptop gets overheated, then it may stop working properly and that is why it is recommended that you should follow some steps that will keep the temperature of your laptop at a normal level.

If you have a desktop then you can easily control the temperature with the help of its software. Whereas if you are using a laptop then it is a bit difficult to control the temperature, so it is very important that you should follow some tips to reduce the overheating of the laptop while playing games.

Make sure that you use a fan

The most important step in order to keep the temperature of the laptop at a normal level. If you don’t have a fan then you should definitely get it. It will keep your laptop cool by the air that will be generated by the fan. So, you should definitely purchase a fan to keep your laptop cool.

Avoid using CPU-intensive applications

If your laptop is a gaming machine then you should use the gaming application only and never use the programs that are used for general tasks like word processor, spreadsheet, etc.

Avoid using high performance GPUs

High performance GPUs are generally used for gaming purpose and they consume a lot of power. So, it is suggested that you should use the normal GPUs that are used for general purpose instead of the ones that are used for gaming purpose.

How To Avoid Overheating Your Laptop While Charging?

Do you know how much power does it take to charge your laptop? A fully charged laptop needs 12V-15V. If you have charger which gives less voltage like 7.5V then you can use an adapter. But if you are planning to use your laptop for long time then you need to take proper care of your laptop while charging it.

Overheating is one of the most common problems faced by laptop users while charging. It is because when we are charging our laptop, it is turned on and that means the fan will run to cool down the temperature. As a result, the laptop temperature will rise and eventually it will be overheating.

What causes overheating?

There are various factors that cause overheating of your laptop.

1. Overloading of the laptop battery

Your laptop battery has two main functions, it is used to store the power and to supply the power to the laptop. If you continuously charge your laptop battery, it will cause your laptop to be overloaded, and it will be unable to provide the power needed.

2. Excessive load

If your laptop is not in a perfect condition, it will consume more power and it will cause overheating. If you are using it with a huge file size, it will cause heavy load on your laptop.

3. Bad quality power adapters

Bad quality power adapters will reduce the life span of your laptop. The reason behind this is the power adapter is not able to provide enough power.

4. Overheated air conditioner

Your laptop is designed to work under specific temperature. If your laptop is running in a hot environment, it will overheat.

5. Too large screen

It is the common problem of laptop users, especially those who are using the laptop for a long time. The screen will get too big and it will be difficult to control the laptop.

6. Too small screen

Laptops come with different sizes of screens, some have a small screen while some have a larger one. If you are using a laptop with a small screen, it will heat up faster.

7. Laptops with a high resolution

Laptops with high resolution, and high performance, use more power and overheating will be a common problem.

8. Unnecessary programs

Some laptops come with various software, such as games, photo editing tools and other programs. These programs will consume power and you can end up overheating your laptop.

9. Other unnecessary applications

If you are running too many unnecessary programs on your laptop, then it will also cause overheating.

10. Overcharging

It is a common mistake among new users. Most of the time, they do not understand that when they charge their laptops, it should not be full.


I hope that you like the post and this will surely help you to keep the temperature of your laptop at a normal level. These are some of the effective ways to reduce the overheating of the laptop. You will feel the difference once you will follow these tips. If you have any queries, you can let us know in the comment section below.


How do I fix my laptop from overheating?

The first thing that you need to do is check that there is adequate airflow inside of your laptop. If you have a laptop without enough airflow, then it is going to be difficult to solve the problem. You will need to find a replacement fan and install it in order to solve the problem. If you don’t have any spare fans, then you should buy a new laptop.

Can a bad battery cause a laptop to overheat?

Yes, if you are running a laptop that is powered by a Lithium ion battery, then it is possible that your battery may become weak. Overheating can occur when the battery has weak capacity. This happens if you are running the laptop on a full charge for a long period of time without charging it. It is recommended to always charge the battery before using it.

How to force your laptop to cool down?

To stop your laptop from overheating, you can try following these steps:

  • Remove any external devices (power adapters, etc.) from the back of your laptop.
  • Turn off the wireless networking if you are using one.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cable if you are using one.
  • Use a clean cloth to clean the vents and fan blade.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the vents and fan blades.
  • If you can’t access all the vents, then you can turn on the laptop and listen to the fans to know where to look.

How to stop PC from overheating and shutting down?

How to stop PC from overheating and shutting down? The simplest way to stop your computer from overheating and shutting down is to keep your hands away from the device. If you are using your laptop for a long period of time, then you should take it to a repair shop, so they can fix it for you. In addition, you could buy a cooling pad that you can place on your lap. Also, you could buy a cooling sleeve, which you could wear around your body. You could also use a laptop cover, which will keep your laptop safe.

How long can you use a laptop before it overheats?

There is no specific number of hours that you can use a laptop without overheating. Overheating is usually the result of the computer having been used for too long. The only thing you can do to stop the overheating from occurring is to turn off the computer, remove it from the case, and put it away. This will allow the computer to cool off for a short period of time, but the overheating will return if you use the computer again.

Why is my laptop heating up so quickly?

Your laptop may heats up very quickly because your computer uses a lot of energy to power the components inside of it. These components include the processor, video card, hard disk drive, and the graphics card. When the components inside the computer begin to work harder, they will need to generate more heat, which will increase the temperature inside the computer. The problem with this is that the laptop will not last long before overheating. It is very important to use your computer efficiently, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money on repairing the computer.

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