How to Repair a Broken Key on Laptop Keyboard?

Most keyboards come with a key, a plastic part. When you press down on a key, the plastic bends, and triggers a circuit inside the keyboard. The circuit creates a pulse that is sent to a computer processor. The processor then sends a signal to the computer’s operating system. The operating system then tells the processor what action to take. The key can then be used to activate various functions on the computer.

If the key has become damaged, the key can no longer perform its normal function. The key can become jammed or bent. Sometimes, the key can be pressed too hard, and cause the key to break. You can try cleaning the key, or replacing it. If cleaning isn’t effective, you can replace the key.

Removing a broken key is straightforward, but you’ll need a special tool. The key can be removed by taking out the two screws in the bottom of the keyboard. Then, use a pair of pliers to pull the key out. A new key can be inserted in the space in the keyboard. If your laptop has a removable bottom panel, you can replace the damaged key by removing the bottom panel. Then, place the replacement key into the space.

There are two ways to repair a broken key on a laptop keyboard. You can either replace the key or the entire keyboard. When repairing a broken key, it’s important to understand how your laptop works. Laptop keys are attached to a metal piece called a’screwdriver’ or a’switch’. This metal piece moves up and down when the key is pressed. When the key is pressed, the switch contacts connect to the laptop circuit board and transmit the signal to the laptop’s CPU.

If you have a laptop with a wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard, then you may be able to connect the wireless keyboard to the laptop via a wire. If you use a wire to connect your wireless keyboard to your laptop, the signal from the wireless keyboard is still transmitted through the metal screwdriver. The metal screwdriver sends the signal through the metal piece that connects to the keyboard circuit board.

When the key is pressed, the metal screwdriver moves up and down and connects to the laptop circuit board and transmits the signal. However, a laptop’s circuit board can only handle so many connections and if you have too many wires connected to it, the circuit board will stop working.

There is a tool called a Key puller. This tool allows you to replace the broken key and return your laptop to working condition. The most common scenario in which this tool is used is to repair a keypad on a laptop keyboard. A common issue with the laptop keypads is that keys will start sticking. You can use the key puller tool to help fix this issue. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open up the laptop and remove the keyboard.
  2. Press and hold the top of the keypad and lift the metal tab that is underneath it. It will lift up the keyboard out of the computer.
  3. Using your hands, grasp the front edges of the laptop. Lift up the laptop until it is completely off.
  4. Once it is removed, lay it down on the table.
  5. Next, place the laptop keyboard back into the laptop. Press the keyboard down until it is secure.
  6. Turn the laptop over. Now that the keyboard is out, remove the bottom cover of the laptop.
  7. With the cover removed, press the bottom of the laptop to ensure that the keyboard is secured.
  8. Now that everything is in place, turn the laptop back over.
  9. Finally, take the screwdriver and loosen the two screws at the base of the keyboard.
  10. Take out the broken key.
  11. Replace the key and tighten the screws back up.
  12. After everything is replaced, turn the laptop back over and reattach the keyboard to the laptop.
  13. Close up the laptop and you have successfully fixed your broken keypad!

How to Repair a Broken Key on Laptop Keyboard

There comes a time when the key you were using for opening the computer starts getting damaged. After a while, the key becomes hard to press and you will have to look for a new one. But what if you could use an old broken key and fix it? Then why not try this, instead of buying a new key?

How to Repair a Broken Key on Laptop Keyboard

The laptop keyboard is a very sensitive component of the computer and if it gets damaged, then you can have to face a lot of problems. But if you want to get the key fixed, then there are different solutions available.

Here are the few simple steps that will help you to get the right key:

Remove the damaged key

First of all, open the lid and disconnect the keyboard cable. Make sure to disconnect the cable at both ends so that it won’t get lost.

Pull out the keyboard completely. Now take a pen or anything sharp and cut the wires. Do this only at the area where the two wires connect.

Cut the small plastic tabs that are on the back side of the key

Now take the broken key and remove all the small plastic tabs. Once you do this, you will be able to see the wires.

Now remove the small wires

Once you have removed the small wires, then take out the small pieces of the wires from the keyboard.

Clean the key

Make sure that the entire key is clean and dust free.

Use alcohol

Alcohol will be the best solution for cleaning the key. Make sure to use only alcohol and don’t mix it with any other chemical or cleaner.

7 Easy Steps To Repair Broken Laptop Keyboard Keys

The keyboard of a laptop is the most important and sensitive part of a laptop, as it is used every day, and you can’t avoid touching it. When you are writing emails or surfing the web, you can break the keys on your laptop keyboard.

The most common way of breaking the keyboard keys is when you press hard, but it is not a permanent damage. There are a lot of solutions available to fix this problem, but it is better to check the cause before you go for any solution.

7 Steps to fix a broken keyboard key:

  1. Remove the battery from your laptop and turn it off.
  2. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery wires.
  3. Press the power button on the back of the laptop to turn it on.
  4. Keep pressing the power button and hold it for a while. After a few seconds, you will see that the screen turns on.
  5. Keep holding the power button for 30 seconds and release it. Now, you can start working on the laptop.
  6. If the problem is related to the mouse, then it is easier to fix as it is located inside the laptop. So, remove the bottom of the laptop and check if there is any problem with the mouse or the wires.
  7. If everything is fine with the mouse and the wires, then replace the mouse and reattach it to the laptop.


In this article, I have explained different steps to fix laptop keyboard, doing these steps will make your broken key repairable and you can use it in your laptop. You can even try this technique if you have a desktop computer. The result will be the same.


A broken key on a laptop keyboard usually occurs due to a number of reasons. For instance, the key can break due to wearing, overuse, or improper installation. When this happens, you will have to repair or replace the broken key. To repair the broken key, follow these steps:

1. Remove the broken key from the laptop

2. Get rid of any dirt and debris on the broken key

3. Clean the area around the broken key with a soft cotton swab

4. Apply an alcohol-based cleaning solution to the broken key

5. Let the solution dry

6. Press down on the broken key and press firmly to remove the dirt

7. Apply pressure evenly on the entire area around the broken key

8. Replace the broken key

How do you fix a broken key on a laptop keyboard?

Fixing a key on a laptop keyboard is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is open the laptop case, locate the broken key and take the plastic piece that holds the key to the bottom of the keyboard, along with the metal piece attached to it. After that, you should remove all the other keys to expose the broken one. Once you’ve done that, take the broken key and the metal piece and put them back in the hole where the other keys are. That’s all there is to it.

Is it possible to replace laptop keys?

Replacing the keyboard keys is very simple. Once you remove the broken key, there is an adhesive that attaches the metal part to the keyboard. If you don’t want to replace the entire keyboard, then you can remove the damaged portion of the keyboard, clean it with alcohol, apply the adhesive and then replace the damaged keys.

How much does it cost to fix a broken key on a laptop?

You can get a replacement keyboard for under $30. Laptop keyboards are usually available at any electronics store or on eBay. You can also purchase an inexpensive keyboard adapter that allows you to use an external keyboard with your laptop.

What happens if you accidentally drop your laptop?

If you happen to drop your laptop and you notice that it is cracked or damaged, then the first thing that you should do is to clean the laptop immediately. It is also important that you open the laptop carefully. Once you open the laptop, then you should immediately contact an expert technician. If you do not, then the laptop could be dangerous to your personal data.

Why is it important to replace keys on laptop keyboards?

A broken key on a laptop keyboard can be quite damaging and it may require a professional repair service. Most of the times, a cracked key can cause the whole keyboard to malfunction and it could be dangerous if the keys start to stick. To prevent such problems from happening, it is necessary that you replace the keys when they break.

Can you buy keys for a laptop?

Yes, you can buy keys for your laptop. The keys for your laptop are usually made of plastic, so it will be easy for you to replace them. To replace a key, you need to purchase a new one that matches the style of your laptop’s keyboard. However, there are many things that can prevent you from getting the keys for your laptop. You can damage the keys on your laptop, if you accidentally drop the laptop. The keys will fall off if they get wet. The keys can also fall off if you damage the rubber stopper that holds the keys in place. In addition, you may lose the keys if they are not stored properly.

Why do laptop keys fall off?

Keys on a laptop tend to fall off if they are not stored properly. This is especially true if your laptop is a desktop computer. It is more likely that the keys will fall off if your laptop is on a desk or table. If the keys are stored properly, then there is very little chance that they will fall off.

How do you reattach a key retainer?

Your key retainer will come apart from your key as you turn the key. This key retainer is made up of two parts: a metal spring and a plastic piece. The plastic piece snaps into place over the head of the metal spring, and it is the plastic piece that needs to be reattached to your key. Remove the plastic piece from your key by pulling up on it until it releases and then pull it off. Then take the end of the metal spring and bend it toward the key until it touches your key, allowing you to push the metal spring back together.

How do you fix a broken key bind?

Your keyboard may have one of those small metal clips that hold your keys in place. If you remove the key from your keyboard, you should be able to see one of those clips on the underside of the keyboard. The problem is, when you push down on the clip, the clip may not release. It may be stuck in the position where it has been since you last used it. You will need to use a screwdriver to open the clip and then try again. If the problem is still not solved, then your keyboard may need to be replaced.

How do you get a snap key back on the keyboard?

Your keyboard may have one of those small metal clips that hold your keys in place. If you remove the key from your keyboard, you should be able to see one of those clips on the underside of the keyboard. The problem is, when you push down on the clip, the clip may not release. It may be stuck in the position where it has been since you last used it. You will need to use a screwdriver to open the clip and then try again. If the problem is still not solved, then your keyboard may need to be replaced.

Are laptop key hinges universal?

Key hinges are very simple to use. You just have to insert the key hinge into the hole and press the button. The button is usually located somewhere on the top of the keyboard, but you should be aware that it could be somewhere else.

How do you replace a laptop key hinge?

If you cannot pull the old hinge off, then remove the bottom of the laptop keyboard cover by loosening two screws that hold the bottom panel in place. Then, lift the keyboard cover up and slide it off. Take a file and smooth out the inside of the laptop keyboard. You can also use a small file to gently pry the top piece of the hinge. Once the hinge is separated from the keyboard, slide it out and replace it with the new one.

Are laptop keycaps replaceable?

Laptop key caps are made of plastic and are generally not replaceable. This is because plastic is a hard material to machine and can easily break. But, you can replace the key caps on a laptop by using some common sense. Try not to touch any part of the laptop with your hands or tools. Make sure that you have the laptop standing upright before you begin to replace the key caps.

How do you replace keys on a keyboard?

There are many ways to replace the keys on a laptop keyboard. You may have to disassemble the laptop in order to replace the keys, or you may be able to simply remove the old keys, place new ones, and reassemble the keyboard. Sometimes the keys are built into the keyboard itself and cannot be replaced. In that case, you will have to replace the entire keyboard.

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