How To Replace Laptop USB Port?

Most laptop computers have a USB port on the side. These ports are usually used for charging devices such as phones and tablets. In addition to being convenient, they also provide a lot of data transfer and charging power. However, if a USB port fails, it may not be possible to use your laptop as a fully functional device. Luckily, replacing a damaged USB port is a pretty simple procedure.

You will need to remove the cover on the laptop computer and locate the port. You can usually find the USB ports on the side or back of the computer. Use a screwdriver or a small Flathead screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cover in place. Once it is removed, you can pull off the cover. Once it is removed, you will see the port itself. It is very likely that the port has been damaged somehow. If the port appears to have been damaged, there is nothing you can do to repair it. The best option is to replace the port so that you can continue using your laptop.

Once you have determined that the port is damaged, you will need to remove the old port. Once it is removed, you will need to remove the back of the port and look for the wiring that goes into the port. If you cannot find the wire, you can use a multi-meter to check for continuity. This will tell you if there is a problem with the wiring going into the port. Once you have found the wiring, you can cut it off and use a wire splitter to split the wiring into two new wires. Once you have split the old wiring, you can splice it together with new wires. This will make sure that the USB port will continue working properly.

How to Replace USB Port on Laptop

The laptop has become an essential gadget that we cannot live without. We use it for work and also for entertainment. The most common and widely used device is the USB port which is present inside the laptops. These days many people have started buying laptops with USB ports because the technology is quite new and most of the laptops don’t come with USB ports. Therefore, we need to learn how to replace USB port on laptop.

Replace USB Port on Laptop

The USB port is present on the backside of the laptop and is also called as the serial port. It is the most commonly used device in the computer because it is used for data transfer and charging the cell phones. To connect the external devices, we need to plug the USB cable into the USB port and that’s why most of the people prefer to change the USB port when they are going to buy a new laptop.

To replace the USB port on your laptop, you need to follow below steps.

Remove the Battery

Remove the battery by lifting up the cover and gently pull it out. Once you have removed the battery, turn the laptop upside down and look at the bottom of the laptop. You will find a small rectangular plate which is fixed with screws and has a small hole. Remove the screws and lift up the plate.

Remove the Screws

Once you have lifted up the plate, remove the screws and look at the inside of the laptop. You will see a small rectangular socket with a metal tab. Take a screwdriver and take the socket out.

Take Out the Socket

After removing the socket, remove the metal tab and the USB port will be exposed. Now take a small flat head screwdriver and gently tap the USB port to push it out.

Push the USB Port Out

Now you will see a plastic cover, remove it and you will find the USB port. Now gently push the USB port and it will be released.

Connect the USB Cable

Now you need to connect the USB cable to the USB port. You will have to connect the positive and negative ends of the USB cable to the USB port.

5 Easy Ways to Replace Your USB Port on Laptop

The world is progressing day by day, but we are still stuck in a single place and there is no way to move around. The technology has made us more comfortable in our own environment. In the same manner, we need the same comfort and ease when it comes to our mobile phones.

We spend a lot of money to buy new mobile phones and when we use the phone for the first time then it gets attached to us. A good example is that a person’s phone has become like his/her second hand, and if we don’t replace it then we will surely get bored with the old model.

How to Replace USB Port on Laptop

The problem is that the old model will not get replaced with any other new model. In such a case, the new mobile phones will also have the same problem and it will be replaced with the new model. This is a vicious circle. Nowadays, most of the smartphones have the USB port. This is not a problem but the problem is that when the USB port gets damaged then the smartphone will not work properly.

Let’s discuss the various ways in which we can replace the damaged USB port of a smartphone.

1. Replacement

There is an easy way to replace the USB port of a smartphone. All you need to do is to find a new smartphone with the same specifications as your old smartphone.

2. Removal

You can remove the USB port from the existing smartphone, and you can insert the new USB port to it.

3. Removal and Installation

If the USB port is damaged or you want to change it with a different model, then you can remove the USB port and then install it again.

4. Repair

You can also repair the USB port, and it will be fixed in a short period of time.

5. Modification

This is the final option for replacing the USB port. You can install the USB port in the existing smartphone, but the new USB port will be smaller than the original one.


In this article, I have given you some effective ways to replace the USB port. Make sure that you follow the above-mentioned steps properly, otherwise you will face issues. If you have a smartphone that is not working properly because of the damaged USB port, then you can easily fix it by replacing the port. If you liked the tips given in this post, then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.


How do I fix my USB ports on my laptop?

Your laptop may have lost one or more of its USB ports for various reasons. One reason might be that a wire got disconnected or that the plug was pulled out. Another reason might be that the cable that connected to the port was damaged. The most common reason for a USB port to lose its functionality is that the port was damaged. This may have occurred when you were working on your computer, but it’s possible that the port was damaged after you purchased your laptop. Either way, if the port loses its functionality, you’ll need to purchase a new one.

Can you replace USB ports on a computer?

USB ports can be removed and replaced on most computers. Many laptops include the USB port on the side of the computer. You will need to remove the case of the computer and then carefully remove the cover. Next, you will need to replace the USB cable with a new one.

How do you fix a broken USB port?

If you have found a USB port on your computer that is not working, then there are some simple things that you can do to repair it. For instance, if you have lost a USB cable, then you can remove the cable from the port and reconnect it to the computer. If the connection still does not work, then it means that the problem is deeper. At this point, you will need to open up the computer to see what is causing the problem.

How do you fix a physically broken USB port?

Sometimes, a USB port may start working when there is a problem with the computer or the port itself. So, if you can not connect to the computer, then you should check whether the USB port is actually working or not. If the port itself is working fine, then you should try replacing it. You can order a new USB port from the manufacturer’s website.

Can laptop USB ports be replaced?

You can replace USB ports for laptops. Just follow the instructions that came with your laptop to replace it. But, if you want to replace the USB port yourself, then you can go to your local hardware store and buy one.

How do I replace the USB port on my HP laptop?

If you own an HP laptop, then you will most likely want to replace the USB port. If you don’t have the proper equipment, you may have to take it to a professional. If you have access to an HP repair shop, you can ask them if they can replace the port for you.

How do I install a USB port in my car?

USB ports are very common on laptops and computers. They are also commonly installed in cars. Most manufacturers include USB ports in their vehicles. But, if you are having problems with your USB port in your car, then you need to first determine whether it is damaged. If it is, then you can take steps to repair it. But, if it isn’t damaged, then there is a chance that your car doesn’t have a USB port and you can try a few steps to see if you can install one in your vehicle.

What do you do if your USB stops working in your car?

You can either check the cable itself or you can check the USB port itself. If the problem occurs when you connect a device to the USB port, then it is possible that the cable is damaged. But, if the problem occurs when the device is already connected, then there is a chance that the USB port itself is damaged. So, the next step is to remove the damaged USB port and then replace it with a new one.

What do you do if your USB port is damaged?

If you notice that the USB port is damaged, then you need to find a replacement USB port. But, the tricky part is figuring out which USB port works with your vehicle. If you cannot locate the right USB port, then you should contact the manufacturer of your vehicle. But, if you have the same problem, then you can simply remove the damaged port and then use a new one that matches the model of your car.

How do I know if my USB port is damaged?

There are a couple of ways to check if the USB port itself is damaged. The first method is to look at the port itself. If you are unable to see any damage to the port, then it is unlikely that it is damaged. But, if you can see damage, then there is a chance that the port is damaged. The next method is to try connecting a different USB device to the port. If it works, then it is likely that your USB port is working.

What do you do if your USB port stops working in your car?

In your car, a USB port might stop working for any number of reasons. Your USB port could have been damaged by dirt, water or the power supply might be out. You can try the following troubleshooting tips: • Make sure your USB cable is plugged into the correct power source.

• Check if the power jack is plugged into the correct power source.

• Try another USB port.

• Check if the battery is charged.

• Make sure the USB port has a good connection.

• Clean the USB port.

• Check if the USB port has a loose connection.

• Turn off all electrical devices that are plugged into the USB port.

• Turn off your vehicle’s computer system.

• Reset your car’s computer system.

• Try another USB port.

How do I fix a USB port in Windows 10?

  • Go to the Windows 10 Start Menu.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down and click on the Devices tab.
  • Click on the + button to locate and select the USB port.
  • On the left side of the window, click on the Details button.
  • Select the Fix It tab.
  • Click on the Troubleshoot button.
  • On the next page, click on the Scan Now button.
  • Windows will scan your system and identify the driver.
  • Click on the Update Driver button and select the recommended driver.
  • This will reinstall the driver and fix the issue.

Why did my USB ports stop working Windows 10?

The reason why your USB ports stopped working is because of the registry. The USB port is controlled by the Windows Registry. In order to access the registry, you will need to restart your computer. After you restart your computer, hold down the Shift key and right-click on the Start menu. Click on the Run option and type in regedit into the dialog box that pops up. This will open the registry editor. You will be prompted for administrator rights when you start the registry editor. Once you are done editing the registry, you can restart your computer to see if your USB ports will work again.

Can you check if all USB ports work?

You can access the USB settings through the Device Manager. Press Windows + X, then click on the Search box. Type in device manager into the search bar, and press enter. You should be presented with a list of devices on your system. Under the Universal Serial Bus controllers, you should be able to see the ports that are connected to your USB. If there are any USB ports that have malfunctioned, you will see a yellow triangle next to them.

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